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Icons of the Twysted Lunatics

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A collection of combined icon creativity brought to you by greenmuse and luna_mistress

All are welcome to join and share icons but there are a few rules we ask you to follow, more out of common courtesy than anything :)

- If you take an icon, please comment and credit the icon maker in your keywords. I can't stress this enough! Time and love has gone into creating these icons soooo recognition would be nice *grin*
For those who aren't sure where the keywords are: When you upload an icon, you will see a box to the right of it once it has been uploaded. There you can put in a word or two to describe it, as well as the name of the icon maker.

- Requests are welcome, but please don't hate us if we take up to a couple of days to make them.

- No posting of other people's icons in other communities and calling them your own. What is the point of this? Show your talent by making your own! :)

- No direct linking! Please upload any icons you take onto your own server. A good free picture hosting service is Photobucket

- Remember lj-cut is your friend if you are posting more than 5 icons at a time. Not sure how to do a cut? Go Here

- Icon Communities/Journals can be advertised here in moderation, as long as you show some icons along with your post.

That's about it for now, a few shoutouts now..

Icon and brush credits:

Link to us:

Unrelated but cool links:

If you would like your button or link up here, just post and let us know ;)